Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Management quota - official facts which you must know.

Here I am quoting the percentage of management quota prevailing in different states of India and rules regarding it to show how lame and ignorant our country becomes when it comes to recognition of caste-quota.

These facts are right on the face of those so called anti-reservationists who are trying to isolate SC/STs like the past generations with a new tool called "Anti-reservation" . I think it is unfortunate as well as depressing that they are able to create a general consensus against specific communities by isolating caste based reservations in India from rest of forms of reservation favouring them.


"Pursuant to the judgement of the Hon􀂶ble Supreme Court of India passed in W.P (C) No. 350/
1993, policy guidelines of Government of India on admission of students and charging of fee in
Private Medical and Dental Colleges, Government have been pleased to decide that the Government
quota and Management quata for Private Unaided Medical/Dental Colleges shall be fixed in the ratio
of 50 : 50."

"The sharing of seats in respect of Government seats and Management seats.- Having regard to the local needs and notwithstanding anything contained in any law for the time being in force or in any judgement decree or order of any Court or authority, the sharing of seats between the Government and Managements in respect of private aided, un-aided minority and non-minority professional institutions shall be as follows, namely:-

(a) Aided Professional Institutions;
(i) Government seats - Ninety-five percent.
(ii) Management seats - Five percent.

(b) Un-aided Non-minority Professional Institutions,-
(i) Government seats - Seventy five percent.
(ii) Management seats - Twenty five percent.

(c) Un-aided Minority Professional Institutions.
(i) Government seats - Fifty percent.
(ii) Management seats - Fifty percent.

Management seats shall be filled on merit.- The Management seats in non-minority institutions and minority institutions shall be filled on the basis of merit through a Common Entrance Test conducted by the State CET Cell or by Association of Private Professional Colleges. Associations of minority institutions, religious or linguistic may conduct their own Common Entrance Test. The Overseeing Committee shall supervise and ensure that the common entrance tests conducted by the Associations are done in a fair and transparent manner."

Uttar Pradesh
"As per U.P.Technical University Norms(85% of the student are
admitted through the counseling organized by the UPTU based on
the yearly Entrance text namely UPTU-SEE and 15% student are
admitted through the Management quota by the college based on
the UPTU/ AICTE Guideline which lay stress on the Merit.
Further the UPTU follows the Reservation policy as fixed by Govt.
of U. P and passed by UP Legislature."

"(2) In every self-financing professional college fifty per cent of the total seats in
each branch shall be Government Quota and the remaining fifty per cent shall be
Management Quota.
(3) Seats in the Government Quota shall be filled up based on counseling by the
Commissioner for Entrance Examinations on the basis of the ranks in the common
entrance examination conducted by him following the principles of reservation as ordered
by the Government from time to time.
(4) Seats in the Management Quota shall be filled up either from the list prepared
on the basis of the Common Entrance Examination conducted by the Commissioner for
Entrance Examinations or from the list prepared on the basis of the common entrance test
conducted by a consortium of a particular type in the State:
Provided that managements shall have the option to earmark not more than 15%
of the seats in the Management Quota to dependents of Non-Resident Indians and in that
case the admission of the candidates shall be made on the basis of the marks they have
obtained in the qualifying examinations."

Tamil Nadu
"Number of seats allotted to different Test Qualified candidates separately [AIEEE/CET (State conducted test/University tests)/Association conducted test] 50% Tamilnadu EngineeringAdmission.
50% Management quota(minority)."
As prescribed by the Govt. of Rajasthan (except in case of Private unaided Institutions and 50% seats in
the self finance course of the aided institutions) the reservation of seats will be made subject to the
prevalent statutory provisions of the State of Rajasthan viz. 16% for SC candidates, 12% for ST
candidates and 21% for candidates belonging to non-creamy layer OBC category.
Provision will also be made for horizontal reservation of 3% for candidates belonging to physically
handicap, 25% for women category and 3% for dependants of Defence Killed/Ex-servicemen / Gallantry
award winners
(i) For Govt. / Govt. Aided Institutions / University Departments:-
Physically Handicapped = 3% of SQ (2.55% of intake)
ESM & their wards & = 3% Horizontal (1% each out of Haryana Open Dependents of Freedom fighters General Category, Scheduled Caste/Backward Class)

(iii) For private unaided Minority institutions –
As per P.A. Inamdar Case minority institutions are free to admit students of their own choice including non minority community as also members of their own community from other State, both to a limited extent only and not in a manner and to such an extent that their minority educational institution status is lost. If they do so they lose the protection of Article 30(1).
i. NRI seats not exceeding upto 15% ( at the discretion of the management as above).
ii. Minority Quota - 42.5% of sanctioned intake fixed by the State Govt. vide notification no. 20/5/2004-4TE dated 25.06.2004.
iii. All India Category- 42.5%

Governor of Punjab is pleased to direct that ‘Management Quota’ in all the Private Unaided Technical and Management Institutions
(College as well as Polytechnics) shall be 33-1/3% (one third of the total seats) and the remaining 66-2/3% (two third of the total
seats) shall be treated as the “state quota” which must be necessarily filled through the Common Entrance Test to be conducted
by an agency to be designed by the State Government.
The Governor of Punjab is further pleased to direct that out of the “Management Quota” a maximum of 5% of the total
sanctioned seats of an institution shall be filled from amongst Non-Resident Indian (NRI).

Now many questions arise from this.
Why anti-reservationists have never protested against it, never organized any road protest ?
Are they ignorant ? Why have'nt they put quota for rich before the caste reservation in their agenda ?
Many Anti-reservationists argue about Management quota being just a phenomena of capitalization.
Now more questions arise. Is this how we see our private sector ? Why then people try to associate private sector with so called "merit". Aren't there superior private institutions which have discarded this management quota concept like BITs Pilani ?
Isn't management quota, a form of reservation benefiting mostly our prosperous upper class/caste ?
Can such private institutions selling seats ever provide basic technical facilities to their students ?
Isn't there bigger money game of bribe and corruption in the name of donation going on under the name of management quota?
Can't it be that most such private institutions are owned by powerful people like politicians ?

Isn't it more easier for a non-deserving candidate to get a seat in Management quota than any other quota (by his parents' money of course)?
Can't a zero-scorer candidate get a seat through this?

Where are the courts? Where are those NGO's and people who have constantly put word "reservation" especially SC/ST reservation in the premises of Courts ?
Would it ever stop? etc etc etc........


Unknown said...

very true where are those honkers who in the display on anti reservation were sweeping the road of delhi during the 2008 anti-reservation movements where is so called youth4quality now can't they see the quota here ....

ohh sorry i forgot most of these ant-reservation shouting Doctors are actually myopic if U don't believe me just see there pics how they flaunt there specs

I would like to also add that reservation is my birth right as long as the people think they have the right to humiliate us by calling us by castist name and don't forget reservation was not handed over as gift but was given in the lieu of separate state demanded by BABA AMBEDKAR ..



well thank you for your comment
I really feel management quota is biggest eyeopener of the game being played by society,govt and big businessman who own those instts. against weaker sections, be it poor or sc/sts.
The casteists would curse sc/st quota 100 times but wont ever look back at the management quota which is for the culprits and by the culprits.

Unknown said...

the masses who actually protested were from the well of strata of the society they know they can easily afford to pay for the management quota but when the facts about Requirement for Quota on cast is discussed they all ignore the facts saying there should be equality well tell them even if i become a billionaire i will continue to use quota as it's my birth right and as long as they keep discriminating on bases of CAST ....

Unknown said...

When BITS Pilani comes with flying colours in ranking, a sense of pride can be measured in all those who passed out from there. BITS Pilani has always been well known for its stand on merit only policy and every parent felt proud when it is thundered by the officials during freshmen welcome that there is no quota of any kind to anyone. The instance of KK Birla refusing admission for candidate referred by the all powerful Indira Gandhi and other ministers has been quoted time and again. Even when the nation was boiling with the implementation of reservation policy on caste lines by Arjun Singh, BITS had taken a bold stand and opposed it stating that merit can not be compromised under any circumstances. However, what is not told is the fact that BITS Pilani has been giving direct admissions to children of BITS Staff as well as BET (Birla Education Trust) staff and to toppers of Birla schools in Pilani. This has been going on for past two decades and what is there to say when BITS vice chancellor children and present directors of its various campuses, deputy directors etc have all been beneficiaries of this direct admission scheme. Those who have spoken against this type of admissions have been sidelined and have left BITS. To attract large number of students for enrollment, the Birla School Pilani in Dec 2009 went to the extent of openly advertising that Sizeable Number of seats available against Management Quota for admission to BITS Pilani. Its time BITS Pilani comes out clean on this Staff Quota School Quota and disclose the sizeable number also.

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