Thursday, June 11, 2009


Proved right or wrong !! you decide.

In this video See what a chief priest of Varanasi
temple and General Secretary of Scholars
Association of Varanasi tells about Caste
System and Dalits.

In the following video, see more Jobs with 100 %
reservation for Dalits and the priest
continuing what
he has read in Vedas. And not to forget, the youth
wants justice.

Could'nt draw water from wells and enter temples
was all history right!!!
and the different utensils for different castes too....

Shameful but true. Watch respectable
Shrankacharya telling about what is pure and
what is impure.
And learn from Rajputs, How Power controls
castes or rather castes control Power. And
untouchability is not crime but a rule here.


watch out police role

It is for those who don't even know
in which society they are living or
just don't want to come out of their
dream world. Some castes mind deny
and do their best to bury the reality.
When I posted this video on the orkut
community named "India" which is the
largest Indian community present on
Orkut or may be on any social website
having more than 8 lakh members.
Firstly the thread was deleted 3 times.
then when convinced one moderator to
let it be, it got good and positive replies
about 100 in just one hour. But next
day other moderator deleted it and i
was removed from the community
quoting these videos cant be verified
by him so they cant allow it. While i
myself argued a lot about other such
threads already present in the community
and positive replies by the members on my
thread and even asked that let people
decide what is right and wrong,but
it was strict No.
But soon I found out the moderator was
member of Anti-reservation protests.
I asked her wether she is against
reservation for untouchables or against
untouchables itself.
She had no reply. This kind of mindset is
inherent in the people of India and that is
why such situation is still there.
I dont know what to expect from a
moderator of such a big online community
but it is clear at the top people are biased
and they want rest of the masses to view,
and think.


Anonymous said...


What u r saying is correct about caste system and all. But the question lies, whether reservation is really a solution.
Frankly speaking i dont believe

If u really want to help these people then there are many better measures.

If u really want to know that why i am sying this read the article on budgetat
where i have quoted ex. of bundelkhand

indiyouth said...

frankly speaking its true that reservation is nt the solution of the caste system. But it is usefull to subside some of its consequences.
If it would'nt have any effect there wont have been other quotas like defence quota , NRI quota, even Handicapped quota and many unlike sc/st quota wouldnt have been supporting it

Anonymous said...

it is sad to see this kind of things ...

Caste sytem is formed by the duties you do. and in the med, those duties are only for those castes.
Now most of them are changed. (however some exist, as shown in videos.. we need to work to eradicate this.)

eg: I have lot of muslim frens, they eat and stay my home at times as my siblings, no issues here. and there is a muslim-barber in our vicinity. When I visit the barber for shaving/hair-cut.. People at home consider me a untouchble, meaning .. I should not touch anyone and anything at home.. after bath everything is normal... It is not becuse of caste.. but because of untidy-ness caused by duty.

But I strongly belive that there are lot of people of the caste you mentioned in the videos are treated as common people.

Well, untouchability is inhuman!! We should work for that.. but it not like giving that person, a role where he is incapable.. or where he is much-less capable then others

Caste based Reservation is inhuman, unethical..

indiyouth said...

thnks for commenting but your point "giving that person a role where he is incapable" is objectional and condemnable.
nobody's capablity can be judged by his birth or caste based on his is racism infact. that "those" ppl from "those" particular castes are unworthy. true menial jobs involve some dirtyness but that dirtiness can never be attached to hi lineage.
i being born in a sc/st family myslf have felt much discrimination in the society though i live among educated or at least literate ones being in delhi. neither myslf nor my anyone from my family is longly associated with any of the menial job one is mentioning. then why as a child i saw so much discrimination with me and my family and much of it came from hindu society influenced muslims.
Do you have any explaination why i see ppl refusing to take water from lower castes home with some comment even in delhi ?
i have seen the same society refusing to give the way to a dalit groom on the "ghodi" ?
i have seen it all
and you can see this too if our society opens its eyes and blin
ded brain simultaneously.
i accept reservation is unjust but it is not inhuman
inhuman is the racism/casteism.
to counter inhumanity you ought to do something which may be unjust for some most importantly when they refuse to take it as a crime .

Anonymous said...

I like the quality argument which you did so far !! Examples you gave are really sad things happening in the world/ India. but they are just the samples.. I believe that most of the unaccountability is gone.. and we need to work for eradicate what ever exist ... keep up the work !! please don't use any indecent language in the reply to continue the argument, and also give relevent dialogue ..

Please tell me why "giving that person a role where he is incapable" is objectionable and condemnable.

I do not mean that some jobs are only for some people.. but I mean there should be equality... If I can carve well I can become a sculptor.

If I'm a doctor and score much less in the class, why should I get the seat for Cardiology ?

If I'm a ISA officer why my son should get a option for more attempts for civil service exams ?

There are several examples like this..

I would be more happy to get a seat in cardiology by merit..or get the seat in MD which ever I deserve by merit... Then all my pals will be with me, and people treat with equality !! ..

--Tell me by putting your hand on your heart that will you come for treatment to me. If have not answered 60% of questions in entrance exam.. And stood almost at the last in scoring marks in my medicine. And took 4 years to complete MD course. ??

-- I'm not the downtrodden !! I have my ability to get seat, and can get seat.. because of the reservation system I'm getting downtrodden. else I would be a physician with dignity !!

Give reservation to people who really deserve. provide them facilities not by why caste they have born..

indiyouth said...

"I do not mean that some jobs are only for some people.. but I mean there should be equality... If I can carve well I can become a sculptor

At the stage of life , at the time of 10+2 how would a guy know that he carves well etc and it would be tough for him to be a sculptor as below 18 child isnt employable?

are you relating the skills of person to his lineage via birth ?
your message is either not clear or becomes objectionable ?
how can you be sure that a brahmins sone is a good teacher or a good manager?
one would be good at something when he gets that qualification .
like if a person passes a degree, then he is same as other guy irrespective of marks.
Even compptive exams cant decide that the person is a good engineer or a doctor unless he passes whole engg or mbbs.
so why would you treat the other guy with inferiority complx.
youth/society's biasness or hypocrisy against sc/st students is easily justified by the discrimination against them while others getting through other forms of quotas like defence quota, handicap quota, and even managmnt quota are respected equally .
do you have ne justification for that ?

i can give you amazing facts about IIT and MBBS exams which came out through RTI last year.....which i would be posting very soon here.
it says few general class studnts got admitted at scoring as low as 0 and 6 marks in few subjects.
while till now JEE has been saying that it has subject wise cut off.
last year IITs were subjected to court for that.
so tell me how can you be sure that a general canddte who scored 0 in physics builts superior bridges than an sc/st guy [ forget he scores more than him or not ]
these are all misconceptions and misinterpreted facts spread to all you ppl so that few ppl are targetted who are easy targets of the society and not those managemnt quota students who buy seats by money power .

to explain you the need for reservation, kindly get to know that it is not only india that is having such reservations to uplift the disadvantages sections of the society.
you know india has 24 billionaires acc to 2009 list
it says all........
out of them only 2 are muslims and no sc/st [who comprise almost 1/4rth of pop]
actually sc/sts arent even close to them .
this is because of mis distribution of resources and power in india and inherent biasedness in this society.

The culprits of the same caste system, indian ppl have no shame when they argue abt few racist attacks in australia while they dont want to see india openly being racist with a fourth of its pop.
Indian society has had ne sympathy for them because they are their own vicitims but whey they become victims of this same apartheid they cry fowl.
They see sympathy for defence ppl, for handicaps for rich brats who can buy seats, for NRIs , for STate quota students but cant tolerate that their victim is getting some benefit because of the own system they flourished for their self benefit.

indiyouth said...

i would appreciate if you instead of commenting as anonymous, do it with your email id,blogger id.

Anonymous said...

a question to question is not a answer

If I'm a doctor and score much less in the class, why should I get the seat for Cardiology ?

If I'm a ISA officer why my son should get a option for more attempts for civil service exams ?

the only reason I'm anonymous are .. because .. people like will use abusive langauage when they can't answer to the questions st.forward..

I saw ur replies in some forums

indiyouth said...

but a question becomes the answer
when the intentions of the asker has hypocrisy.

neways what are your thoughts about my last post where i explained you my thoughts and reality ?

Anonymous said...

Tell me answers to simple questions..

and don't question

If I'm a doctor and score much less in the class, why should I get the seat for Cardiology ?

If I'm a ISA officer why my son should get a option for more attempts for civil service exams ?


if you found any difficulty in interpreting the questioned form of my answer.

He is getting the seat for cardiology because someone who has lot of money too is buying seat in india through other form of quotas like management quota.

and he is not getting the benefit because his father is an IAS officer like defence quota students.
Also I dont think you know how many attempts a general candidate is given for IAS exam ?


I am against both but i more against this biasedness ppl are like you are having.

Anonymous said...

If you are against that .. and feel that only people who actauly need help , should get help..

Then raise your voice for anti-reservation .. (caste based)

I'm sure you would not. because you have to pay fee for the next civil services exam which you may have to write :)

indiyouth said...

why caste based reseervation only ?
thats my point
i first protest against managemnt quota of which beneficiaries are only rich
but i dont understand why you turn your face towards that ?
from your arguments about only caste based beneficiaries you are projecting a biasedness towards only sc/sts through a lame ex of merit.

Anonymous said...

Well, even the managment quota sucks.. but however that is far better then SC/ST quota..

Because it does not ristrict anyone just by birth.. if u earn good.. u can buy the seat.. buying seat will enable to fund the poorer people.. however in the current day they are mis-used to fund reserved candiates SC/ST guys..

Damn' fee for open candiates is 23,500 per year and for SC/ST it is just 500...

But a mgmt quota guys pays 30Lakhs.. and he never get a job after that .. if he is not worth..

Reservation system is useful to only some people who don't deserve it.. (especially like the people like you who never pay any fee to write a entrence exam even if your father is ISA officer) .. Actual poor people remain poor.. because of you guys

indiyouth said...

it is far better acc to you becoz it benefits you simply.
how can management quota help poor ppl?
plz explain that

lol...... and with a lame justification of managemnt quota you are again blaming everything on sc/sts .
our youth have become hilariously dumb or simply hypocritic.
this simply shows that ppl arent against quotas but are clearly against sc/sts.


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