Tuesday, July 1, 2008



mohit said...

its shamefull.....but these things are more common in engg and medical cllges

Anoop Pattat said...


I'm truly sorry for the students and the guys who perputated this shoud be punished. Bye the way I can't belive it happens in a medical college !!!.

But I would like to bring to notice the other side of the situation too. Some time the foward caste students too are picked up by the gang of lower caste students.

I can quote umpteen instances where brhamin junior guys were forced to eat meat etc etc.

that too doesn't get reported. guess why?

Anoop Pattat said...


indiyouthblogger said...

MR Anoop

Yes it may happen in some cases. But we can always neglect exceptions. Even in most cllges like mine non veg is nt even served for religuous regions.

But as you also know there is common consensus about the cases of discrimination against lower castes. Being a lower caste I can count hundreds of experiences in just 1 and half years of my cllg life where ppl have been put into difficult circumstances just because of their caste.
You can think what can happen if an examiner asks your caste before your name in the viva examinations.
If the thing is just about knowledge why do you need to put caste in this........?
This is just about teachers.
You may better know what happens between collegue


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